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I’m a lifelong Ottawa resident, and I moved to Stittsville nearly 10 years ago with my young family. We were attracted by a strong school community, the history and heritage along Main Street, and natural areas like the Trans Canada Trail and Poole Creek. We also saw firsthand the rich fabric of community organizations and volunteers who make this such a great place to live.

Even that short time, we’ve seen an incredible amount of change and growth in this community.  I’m running because we need a strong voice to stand up for Stittsville at City Hall.  I’m not against development — after all, the housing and construction sector is a key part of our local economy.  But we need better decisions and a smarter approach to how we plan and build these new communities to ensure that Stittsville remains a vibrant, healthy and safe place to live.


Here’s what I stand for


Build Great Neighbourhoods

  • I will ensure that new development is compatible with the existing character of the community.
  • I will support initiatives to identify and protect trees and greenspace.
  • I will work to improve pedestrian and cycling access, linking to transit, shops and other neighbourhoods.
  • I will support initiatives that encourage more affordable housing in the community, especially near future transit hubs.
  • I will respect our built heritage, which not only connects us to the past, but enhances the quality of life in our community today.
  • I will champion the revitalization of Stittsville Main Street, including exciting new projects like the Stittsville Legion redevelopment, the Farmers’ Market, and new locally-owned shops and restaurants. (read more)
  • I will work with the provincial government to continue to update legislation and give cities more authority over planning decisions, and I will work to rein in urban sprawl by limiting the urban boundary. Unless proper infrastructure is in place (roads and transit), we should not be allowing additional expansion in Ottawa’s suburbs.


Invest in Proper Transportation Infrastructure

  • I will be a regular bus rider, and advocate for reliable and affordable transit (light rail and buses) that reduces commute times and improve mobility. (read more)
  • I will prioritize the modernization of Carp Road and the completion of Robert Grant Avenue to Palladium Drive.
  • I will push for better maintenance of existing roads, sidewalks and pathways, so that we save on repairs further down the road.
  • I will work to accelerate these projects. There is simply too big of a gap between when homes are built and when roads and transit arrive. We need to either slow down that growth, or speed up the infrastructure.


Real Action for Safe Streets

  • I will support policies to improve the planning and design of roads in new communities, adopting a “safety by design” approach and more effective strategies for traffic calming for streets that were poorly designed in the first place.
  • I will work to identify and fix “missing links” for sidewalks and pathways in the community. (Read more…)
  • I will work with police and other partners to improve school zone safety, by improving design, reducing speed limits, and increasing enforcement.
  • I will work to improve pedestrian safety for older adults, including better lighting and increased walk times at crosswalks.
  • I will support initiatives to improve cycling safety, such as enhancing existing pathway links and bike infrastructure; encouraging police enforcement on issues that impact bike safety; and working with partners like Bike Ottawa to offer more education opportunities, especially to kids.
  • I support Vision Zero, a policy implemented by several Canadian cities including Edmonton, where through aggressive enforcement, education and road design they’ve reduced the number of serious or fatal motor vehicle collisions by 60% over a ten-year period.


Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility

  • I will be a strong, independent voice to champion the ideas and issues that are important to Stittsville residents. I’m not afraid to stand up for Stittsville at City Hall, something I’ve already done as a community volunteer on issues such as safe streets and development in this community.
  • I will focus on the affordability and value of core services such as garbage, snow clearing, water, etc.
  • I will work to provide stronger oversight on how the City spends our money and operates services. There are too many examples of decisions being made without enough analysis or evidence, and there’s not enough review of whether or not expected service levels are actually being achieved.
  • I will develop initiatives to provide transparent and effective communication with residents, stakeholders and partners. We need to foster more participation and engagement between City Hall and residents.
  • I support a 2-term (8-year) limit for City Councillors to ensure greater diversity of ideas and approaches at City Hall.


Encourage Economic Development

  • I will continue to support the efforts of the Stittsville Business Association to attract shoppers from within the community and beyond.
  • I will support initiatives to encourage new businesses to locate in Stittsville, so that more residents can live, work and play in the community.
  • I will consult with business owners on reducing unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy, so that it’s easier for businesses to get established and operate in our community. This includes streamlining inspections and approvals to ensure an efficient processes for small businesses.


Read more…

  • I’ll be sharing more of my platform in the coming weeks.
  • In the meantime, you can read more about these issues and more on my blog at


Glen and volunteers on Liard Street

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