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“I had the pleasure of working with Glen on a number of heritage issues over the past few years, including efforts to save the Bradley-Craig Barn. His deep commitment to his community was evident throughout. He is an effective leader and the citizens of Stittsville and Ottawa would be well-served by having him as the Councillor for Ward 6.”

David B. Flemming
Former President, Heritage Ottawa

“Glen Gower was one of my first hires when I purchased the Ottawa 67’s back in 1998. He was an important member of our front office team during that exceptional first season, when Brian Kilrea and the Ottawa 67’s brought the Memorial Cup back to Ottawa with a dramatic home ice victory in 1999.

He was also with our team when we won the J. Ross Robertson Cup as OHL champions in 2001 and again we went back to the Memorial Cup tournament in 2005. I’m excited to hear that Glen is running for City Council and I’m certain his energy, creativity and commitment will be winning assets for the Stittsville community.”

Jeff Hunt
President and Partner, OSEG Sports

“As President and CEO of Iceberg Networks, Glen’s current employer, I wanted to express my feelings about Glen’s run for City Council. The only negative thought I have is the realization that if he wins, we will lose a very special employee and friend at Iceberg.

At Iceberg, we stress a culture of personal and career growth, investing in our employees and the community. Three years ago when Glen and I reviewed his goals for the upcoming fiscal year and beyond, he admitted that ideally he would love to be in a position by 2018 to run for City Councillor in Stittsville. His passion was very much focused on community service and he wanted to invest his spare time to learn more about the community, volunteer where possible, and most importantly, listen to the citizens of Stittsville, to better understand their needs and desires.

I have had a front row seat in Glen’s evolution and hard work over the last three years as he prepared himself for this huge responsibility and difficult challenge. On behalf of Iceberg, I can honestly state to all the citizens of Stittsville, you truly will be SO fortunate to have Glen Gower as a representative on Ottawa City Council. In this dreadful era of negative news, skeptical views, and overall culture of doubt, I can confidently tell you that you can be 100% confident in your vote for Glen. What you see; what you read; and what you hear are all 100% genuine. He is simply a wonderful human being.

I know it is always hard for me to know which candidate to vote for, and specifically can I trust him or her to live up to their campaign promises. For this election, I simply wished I lived in Ward 6, because voting for Glen would alleviate any of this anxiety and become an easy choice.

You will be electing a Stittsville treasure!”

Ken McPherson
President and CEO, Iceberg Networks

“Ever since Glen caught wind of us, and our plans to open a local, independently owned restaurant on Stittsville Main Street, he has been nothing but excited, curious and supportive. We spoke with him way back when we first started construction and we can honestly say that he was genuinely interested in our vision.

Glen has joined us on many occasions such as our grand opening, Mother’s Day brunch, and our patio opening as well as many other times for “date night.”

He truly understands what it means to “support local” and sees a bright future for the residents of Stittsville.”

Alli Pearce and Kevin Conway
Owners of The Jack Ketch
Stittsville Main Street

“While I don’t live in Glen’s ward I spent 8 years working alongside him in the pressbox at Sens games. He was always cool under pressure and easy to get along with. I admire how he’s running his campaign, getting out there constantly ,even coming out with unique election signs. He’s always been passionate about his community and I have no doubt that he’ll represent his constituents well!”

Stu Schwartz
MAJIC 100 & Ottawa Senators

“I’ve known Glen for over 20 years. He has integrity, intelligence and is a champion for his community. There is no doubt in my mind that Glen Gower will bring his best to the role of City Councillor for Stittsville Ward.”

Dennise Taylor-Gilhen,
Vice President, Community Impact
United Way Ottawa

“Glen and I have crossed paths in Ottawa off and on for 20 years but it wasn’t until I moved into Stittsville and started getting involved in our community association that I really got an appreciation for what makes him special. He is a passionate advocate for all the right things – safe streets, smart development and true accountability – but he never misses an opportunity to bring people together instead of dividing them, even on contentious issues. When we wanted to call attention to an unsafe street in our community, Glen suggested a neighbourhood party. When we wanted to show our opposition to the destruction of a heritage property, Glen organized a group photo walk. He truly cares and he makes our community stronger.”

Joe Boughner

“Glen was president of my neighbourhood association (Fairwinds-Poole Creek) when I joined and he was great at it. For those that have volunteered at a few places, a group loses structure and momentum when there isn’t enough leadership. But Glen led regular (timely) meetings, maintained clear communication in between, kept us all up-to-date on news and developments in the community, all while being full of interesting ideas! I’m convinced he will be a great councillor based on the work ethic and vision I’ve seen firsthand. Vote Glen!”

Rochelle Buenviaje

“As the former owner of the Grounds Café in Stittsville we benefited from Glen’s work in the community. Glen helped launch our business with his support on his social media, blogs, articles and community events. Glen connected us with many community groups that helped our business build a good base it the Huntmar and Hazeldean area. Glen was a regular customer of the café and would bring new customers in with him. He is a great ambassador for new businesses in the community.”

Patrick Caicco

“I have known Glen for five years and he has been a volunteer in our community for many years belonging to many community groups. He is concerned about our growth as a community and is worried about how this growth with impact our infrastructure, particularly with Main Street, while keeping our streets safe for residents. It’s time Stittsville gets its voice back again. I believe Glen is the voice of our community, that why I’m voting for Glen, because he cares about our community!”

Sue McCormick

“Over the last 9 years, I’ve seen longer commute times and deteriorating bus service. It’s even worse after peak hours, when my kids have to take the bus to get to and from campus, or to work. Our community is growing, and we need transit services to keep pace.

I’m impressed that Glen has committed to taking the bus regularly so he can experience first hand what transit riders face every day. This is the kind of leadership and commitment we need from our councillor.”

Audrey Moey

“It was Glen’s solid research and writings about the history of the ‘Boyd’ home that drew me in. Glen has always followed through on his words with action! Glen is an honest, down to earth person, always willing to contribute his time and expertise no matter what the issue. His vision for Stittsville will bring us into the future with a conscientious, community-minded councillor at our helm.”

Lesley McKay

“I have been walking with Glen these last few weeks and find him attentive to people and approachable. He strikes me as capable and committed to the people of Stittsville and will make a wonderful councillor.”

Mary Nash

“I love Stittsville because it still has that community feel. And it’s because of people like Glen that get interested, that get involved…that care. This isn’t a “job” for Glen – it’s a passion. His love for Stittsville is evident in all that he does. From StittsvilleCentral.ca, to the community association involvement and to now running for office. I’d vote for Glen because I like him and trust him.”

Carol Patterson

“Anyone who has been around Glen Gower quickly notices he has a high level of energy and commitment. Whether it’s talking to a crowd or going door to door, he never quits. As busy as he has been he always looks fresh and ready to go. I admire how he manages to balance family time with the hectic pace he maintains on the campaign trail. I want someone representing my community that has the stamina, balance and vision to see things through. Glen Gower is who i’ll vote for.”

Rick Quesnel

“I voted for the incumbent during the past three elections but during this election I have concluded that it is time for a change for two reasons. The growing community of Stittsville needs a leader with a fresh voice, higher energy and effectiveness, stronger advocacy for our needs, better consultative approach, and a more inclusive mindset than we have seen over the last four years. Second, the new representative needs to have a solid understanding of the issues facing our community, has a practical vision for its growth and should be someone who has demonstrated his ability to be an effective representative. During this campaign, Glen Gower has shown that he has all these characteristics, and has strong leadership traits that will make him an enthusiastic representative for Stittsville – for both the long time residents and for newcomers. I am comfortable with my choice this time around, and so should you in voting for Glen Gower on October 22nd. Our community’s future literally depends on it.”

BR Ravishankar

“I worked with Glen for eight seasons at the Ottawa Senators, he is a true leader and a team player. His enthusiasm for the community has no bounds and you can always count on him to be honest and up front. I’d vote for Glen any day.”

Shaun Vardon


Media endorsements


“Glen Gower is a bright young man who is full of beans and energy. This is the kind of person Ottawans need on their council… The plans in his platform are extensive and knowledgeable… The candidate has the possibility over time of becoming a leader in this community and will certainly be an asset on city council and for Stittsville.”

Ken Gray
Former editor, Ottawa Citizen
(read the full endorsement here)

“This really wasn’t difficult. The amount that Glen Gower has been able to do simply as a community volunteer–from traffic calming to heritage preservation to ward communications–is remarkable. This is a case where the challenger has practically acted like a councillor for the past few years…

So after serving and leading this community for years, after working diligently to make the ‘Ville better, after so much volunteering, so much advocacy, so much community-mindedness, it’s time for residents to do the right thing, and make Glen Gower, officially, the councillor for Stittsville.”

Jonathan McLeod
Columnist and Blogger
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Glen and volunteers on Liard Street

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