Thank You Stittsville!


THANK YOU for putting your trust in me and casting a ballot on election day. (Voter turnout in Stittsville was over 46%, higher than the city average – well done!)

THANK YOU for sharing your concerns and ideas with me at the door over the past six months. And thank you to everyone who sent words of encouragement and feedback throughout the campaign.

THANK YOU to everyone who requested a lawn sign or made a contribution.

THANK YOU to the dozens and dozens of volunteers who knocked on doors, dropped off flyers, pounded in signs, organized events, helped get the word out.

So many volunteers brought their talents and passion to my campaign because they care about our community. We ran a great campaign – not me, we — and everything you saw was a reflection of the quality and commitment of my team. THANK YOU

THANK YOU to Shad Qadri and his family for their years of service and leadership to this community. I have very big shoes to fill and I hope to meet with him soon to listen and learn from his experience.

THANK YOU to my family and friends for their support, their patience, and their unwavering encouragement.


I shared a simple message during this campaign: Healthy Development, Safe Streets, Accountability. That was my mantra for the past six months, and I must have repeated it about 5,000 times. It’s a simple message but these are big challenges with no easy solutions.

So how do we solve them? Yes, with a different approach, with new ideas, and with a lot of energy. But I can’t do it alone. If I’m going to be successful I need all of you to keep going with what we’ve started here. I need you to keep caring about your community, I need you to keep getting involved.

Help flood your neighbourhood rink. Shovel your neighbour’s driveway. Clean up the local park. Join a school council. Fundraise for a cause you care about. Speak up.Tell your neighbours. Lead by example.

Let’s keep making a difference.


Today I’m going to spend some time with my family. My youngest daughter has a cross-country meet and my oldest daughter is battling the flu (I caught it too this week!) I’ll also be reaching out to several current and former councillors to ask for their advice so that I can start getting prepared for December 1, when the new term of council starts.

Until then, I’ll see you around the neighbourhood.


Glen Gower

A fresh voice for Stittsville

Campaign Priorities

Glen will be a strong, independent voice for Stittsville, standing up for your concerns at City Hall


Healthy Development

  • Great neighbourhoods
  • Transit & roads to support growth
  • Respecting heritage and greenspace
  • Real action to revitalize Stittsville Main

Safe Streets

  • Pedestrian & cycling safety
  • Increased enforcement
  • Better road design & maintenance


  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Leadership and vision
  • Communication and engagement

This campaign is all about talking to residents, and hearing your ideas about the issues in our community.
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About Glen

A lifelong Ottawa resident, Glen has lived with his family in Stittsville since 2009. He is currently the Director of Marketing and Communications at Iceberg Networks, an Ottawa-based company providing management consulting and professional services in Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC). The company works with government organizations, financial institutions and large enterprises across North America. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University.

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Glen and volunteers on Liard Street

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